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Current position of MSC Sinfonia: Under way from Hellesylt (Sunnylvsfjord) to Flåm (Aurlandsfjord)

  • Departure was 4 hrs 24 min ago. (at 17:00 h local time)
  • Arrival will be in 11 hrs 36 min. (at 09:00 h local time)
  • Traveled distance since Hellesylt (Sunnylvsfjord): 70.78 nm (131.09 km)
  • Remaining distance to Flåm (Aurlandsfjord): 195.67 nm (362.38 km)
  • Traveled distance since Warnemünde: 864.59 nm (1,601.22 km)
  • Course: 233°

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