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Current position of M/S Artania: Ilulissat (Jacobshavn)/Greenland
  • Time since arrival 5 hrs 46 min from Qeqertassuaq (Disko Island)/Greenland (at h local time)
  • Traveled distance since Bremerhaven: 2,905.56 nm (5,381.09 km)

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    Current weather in Ilulissat (Jacobshavn) (Aug 30, 2015)

      • Current weather in Ilulissat (Jacobshavn)
      • 5 °C
        41 °F
      • Current wind conditions in Ilulissat (Jacobshavn)
      • 000°, 0 m/s
        (0 Beaufort)
      • The report was made 57 minutes ago, at 06:50 UTC. The wind was calm. The atmospheric pressure was 1005 hPa (29.68 inHg). The relative humidity was 93,2 %.

    Sunrise/Sunset in Ilulissat (Jacobshavn) on 30/08/2015

    Sunrise: 05:36
    Sunset: 21:16

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